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customize the public statistic

3 years 3 months ago #101227 by bendii
I try to customize the shown public statistic. Thatfore I've been looking here for a solution for about 3 hours yet ... so I am thankful for every help here.

This is the task:
In the public statistic I whant to turn off the categories
Not answered
Not ended / not shown

This I tried:

For the Category "not ended / not shown" I tried to change the config-files as reportet in the Wiki:

and changed
$config = 'show'
first into 'filter'
and than into true

first time in config.php only, than in both files.
Unfortunately this doesn't work.
The public statistic still does show the values for the incomplete answers (category: Not ended / not shown) ...

So what can I do?
Thx for any answer or hint, where I can find a solution.

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