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Retrieving randomization order of question groups

3 years 8 months ago #97143 by lmGehrke

I have a study that shows a short movie clip, the structure is as follows

Question Group1 with the movie clip plus 2 Questions
Question Group2 - more questions
Question Group3 - even more questions

I created groups 2 and 3 since I wanted some questions on a separate page.

Now I have created 13x3 Groups since I have 13 movie clips
I have assigned every 3rd Group the same randomization Group Name to have the movie clips be presented in a random order.

My problem now is, that since some questions concerning one movie (repeats for every movie) were in a seperate Question group I am not able to associate the movie with the questions since I dont know when which movie (Question group 1) was presented.

Is there any way to retrieve the randomization order at runtime? Maybe some log file on the server? Maybe in the DB?

Any help would be very very much appreciated

(I am using limesurvey Version 2.00+ Build 130311)

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3 years 8 months ago #97206 by lmGehrke

so I found the lime_survey_surveyNr table in the limesurvey DB. The problem is that it only has the correct randomized order for the first participant. All subsequent participants are sorted according to the first one (which is bad, since I need the randomized movie order for each participant.)

Is there a way to get the lime_survey_surveyNr table for each participant separately?


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3 years 7 months ago #98226 by first
I am also randomly showing few question groups.How can I retrieving the first group that is displayed .I have to use some info from the first group displayed later in survey.

Survey Designer and Programmer
"I always suggest to have a group by group display layout and create a seprate group for each question. This will be extra work but you will get flexiblity to create your question by using more than more lime survey question types."

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2 years 5 months ago - 2 years 5 months ago #112074 by bioflow
Because of certain design criteria, my survey also has the questions for each stimulus in a separate group, and I also need to know the sequence in which the groups were randomized.

Does anybody know how I can retrieve the group randomization order? Thank you in advance!

(Version 2.05+ Build 140811)
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