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1 month 3 weeks ago #163017 by cmitatakis
cmitatakis created the topic: Create custom question template

I've recently downloaded the latest stable version of LimeSurvey. This is my version.php file:

$config = '3.0.5'; //The current version of this branch, LS3
$config = 345;
$config = '180118';
$config = true;
$config = '30008';

I am trying to implement a cutom question type, following the instructions that are described in .

I use the structure exactly as described in the guidelines and I copied an existing type of question (multiple choice question type). Unfortunately, I am not able to see my new question type in LimeSurvey question type menu.
Is there anything else I should do in order to "register" the new custom type into my LimeSurvey installation?

I'm attaching the config file of the custom type of question as well as a picture of the structure of my upload folder.

Thanks in advance

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1 month 3 weeks ago #163033 by LouisGac
LouisGac replied the topic: Create custom question template
For now, question themes are only shown as theme for questions in the display accrodion, not as question type in question type list.

Take the example of Image Select:
create a new question, choose its type as List Radio, save, now in the Diplay accordion, you will see a selection "Question Theme" offering "image select".

In a close future, it will be possible to show those question theme as question type, and to select which question type/theme should be shown or hide (at global level and survey group level).

Also: Feel free to ask as many help as you need to create question themes, and to create bug reports if needed.

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