How to reset all the contacts without losing uncomplete answers?

1 year 2 months ago - 1 year 2 months ago #159997 by agaspar
agaspar created the topic: How to reset all the contacts without losing uncomplete answers?
Hello fellow users !

I have an inquiry concerning the use of limesurvey for a monthly/recurrent survey. I'm not the one who had setup the survey, nor choose Limesurvey as the main tool (though it's very efficient !).There was a need of gathering data from multiples actors (more than a hundred) every month. We send them the survey at the beginning of every month,, they complete it, and we export the results in our database. Basically, the survey is designed this way : for every question, there's 12 box for answers, one for every month. Each month, they complete the box related to the current month. Then, at the beginning of the next month, we update manually every contacts to turnoff the "survey complete" switch, so we can send them again the same survey. The point of using the same survey, is because they must be able to modify their previous answers (it happen sometimes that their data aren't up to date). So the actors complete every month the survey, while being able to modify their previous answers, keeping our DB always up to date, and we don't need to setup a new one each time.

The issue is, some of the actors don't complete the whole thing, wich is OK, but limesurvey consider them as "uncomplete" answers. If i try to reset automaticaly all the contacts to send them the survey again, i will lose those uncomplete answers, which is why we need to manually reset every contact. This part require a lot of time, and should be automatized. Is there a way to do this more easily ? Maybe re-design the way we use Limesurvey, as our study end at the end of the year, and it would be a good time to redesign it before the next wave of 2018.

I have another question : i want to add a group of contacts in the survey. They already answer to us through another tool, so we already have their data. I want to add them in Limesurvey, but also add their data, so they can see it in the survey, and eventually modify them. It seems that it's possible through an import of a VV file, but every try is a fail. Basicaly, i export the answers through a VV file, i add up the data, and then i try to import the VV file, while toggling "replacement of existing data" option. Still, limesurvey fail to import the answers data, it seems like i'm missing a step.

We're using LimeSurvey on Version 2.64.7+170404

I hope someone can help !

Thank you by advance,

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