Can't generate a statistic as .pdf

5 months 3 weeks ago - 5 months 3 weeks ago #157861 by sMuve
sMuve created the topic: Can't generate a statistic as .pdf
Hello everybody!

We made a test survey and tried to use the statistic feature (expert modus) to generate a pdf with all answers as charts, but it only throws a php related exception at me:
Cannot use string offset as an array
This only occurs, if I try to generate a pdf. The HTML output of a statistic works fine.

NOTE: I'm only able of some java and html basics, so I don't really know what the problem is and I can't find any error of this kind with google which is related with LimeSurvey.

I attached two screenshots (one with the statistic settings and one with the error message).

It would also be okay, if there is a workaround to "print" the simple version of the statistic as a pdf with good formating.

I hope someone has an advice for me :) Thanks in advance!
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