Sending Emails from Remote Server

6 months 1 week ago #157583 by mengmeng
mengmeng created the topic: Sending Emails from Remote Server

I have an issue on sending emails(invitations) out. I have tried earlier to set up limesurvey on local host (a Mac), and there is no problem to send out emails to people from the admin email address. however, when i set up the limesurvey on a remote VPS server, it shows the invitation email was sent on limesurvey page, but could be received by email (i put my own email address in the participant email, but couldn't get any email from limeservey). I was thinking there might be some setting need to be done on the server or on limesurvey config, but don't have a clue why it works on my local host but just doesn't work on a remote server.

Thank you so much in advance to whomever can help me have some clue on this issue!!!

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6 months 1 day ago #157787 by DenisChenu
DenisChenu replied the topic: Sending Emails from Remote Server
Because you computer surely use your ISP server.
You can use another SMTP server for example, or setup a sendmail on your VPS.


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