PDF: Save text (group description + text display questions) from survey as PDF?

1 year 2 months ago - 1 year 2 months ago #157319 by Sweden
Sweden created the topic: PDF: Save text (group description + text display questions) from survey as PDF?
There are apparently lots of ways to convert html pages to PDF (mpdf, fpdf, html2pdf, wkhtmltopdf, jsPDF etc. etc.), but no one really descripes how to convert e.g. a generated page from LimeSurvey into a PDF file (at least not in details). Haven't really tried too many options because I simply don't know where to start and where to insert code etc.

User should be able to save/download what is seen on screen as PDF file (must work with the most common browsers on PC, iOS, Android devices etc.) What is the most simple way? I don't need a lot of choices - I don't care if pagebreaks, page size, margins etc. are a little bit off. Don't need or want to store the PDF result on server and I don't need a solution that can email the PDF file. Also don't need header and footer (although it would be nice).

In my survey (not public yet), equations control what is seen on the screen (a combination of Group Description and Text Display Questions) - this combined text is shown before the end page and it would be nice to have a "Save as PDF" button on that page. Browsers "print as PDF" option isn't a good option (hyperlinks in text don't work etc. - each browser has its problems).

Have used so much time searching for a solution on/off through the years, but have never found a way to do this. I really hope someone can help!? Based on the amount of similar posts in this forum, it seems like many people request a good way to save survey text (only what is shown on the screen) as PDF.
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