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1 year 4 months ago #155361 by Reveb
Reveb created the topic: PDF answer settings
Hey everyone,

If been working around with a project quite a while, basically got everything sorted out right now with some forum help.

My survey is a survey that calculates score's and to make this work i made hidden equation questions that calculate this. The answer of that i use to show at the end and print answers page, this all works fine.
But now i ran into a problem, as i've read some other posts on the forum changing the styling of the PDF is really hard.

For me it doesn't really matter how it looks i just want those answers of the hidden questions to show on it to and for now it doesn't. So i basically need to add 4 extra answers to the PDF file like {FSba} but i can't figure out where to change the PDF file.

I use LS 1.92+ since i use it from a friends company.
I'll add some pictures to let u know what i mean.

Any help would be appreciated.
PS: Sorry for posting much on the forums.


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