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3 years 6 months ago #118603 by surveyman
surveyman created the topic: Google Analytics > Welcome Page
I have a strange issue. I'm tracking my survey within Google Analytics, and for the welcome page I have a bounce rate of 80% (in Google Analytics it's called: /name of the survey-[surveyid]/[welcome]-).

The strange thing, is that the welcome page is disabled and that I use multiple languages. Within Google Analytics I only see bouncing stats for the english version of the "welcome" page. Could it be, that the survey always goes to "welcome" as the first page and after that changes the language and either displays or skips the welcome page? If that would be the case, the high amount of bounces on that page are probably caused due to drop outs (bad connection or closing the page immediatly). If not, does anybody has an idea what could cause the high bounce rate?

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