Can i send invitations to user groups in my own e-mail template style?

3 years 9 months ago #117447 by publicde
publicde created the topic: Can i send invitations to user groups in my own e-mail template style?
Hello everybody,

i couldn't find an answer to my question/problem and hope you can help me. Thank you in advance!

Initial situation:
- I have my survery (activated)
- i already edited my e-mail-template in my own design,
- i have different user groups, because not everybody should get the same invitation (different surveys to different user groups/participants.)

How can i invite these user-groups?
There is an option that says: "Mail to all members". But it looks like it won't send the invivations with my prepared e-mail (template), but just a plain text-email?!

I hoped i can handle it with the token management, so i can find out who completed the survey and what answers the participant gave later.

Limesurvey only gives me the option to add tokens manually where i have to fill out the form (e-mail, name, surname etc.) or to import a csv file. Importing is not possible because i cannot export the participants who are in my user-groups.

The other problem: When i have roundabout 2000 invitation-receipients i can not add one token for each user. And in one week i have roundabout 5 surverys to which i invite.

I believe i have an error in reasoning.

Do you understand my problem?

I hope i could explain it right....


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