Combining Two Surveys into One

4 years 2 months ago #117403 by Lodore
Hi, I wonder can anyone help me with this problem? I searched but had no luck so far!

Basically, I have two old surveys that I'd like to combine into one survey for a new experiment (i.e. I'd like the output to be part of the same spreadsheet). I can do this by copying one question group at a time, but there's 300+ questions in each survey, which makes it a bit painful.

So, I wonder if there's any way I can combine the two legacy surveys into a new survey? This new survey would present participants with one introductory screen and then divert them at random into one or the other of the two legacy surveys.

Any help really appreciated in the question of combining them!


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4 years 2 months ago #117418 by holch
If you combine them, you need to set for each question (or question group) that it is hidden or not, depending on the random number.

So besides copying 300+ questions you also have to write a condition or expression for each question (or question group).

So actually I think it is a lot easier to bring the two in the same spreadsheet afterwards (which actually should be really easy).

But if you really want to go for it:
If all 300+ questions are in the same group, you just can export and import the group. If not, it will be a little bit more complicated. Either group by group or question by question, which doesn't seem to be a good alternative.

But what you can do is export both surveys as XML and then copy the questions and groups from one survey into the other. You will have to get a little bit into how the xml is structured, but this shouldn't be to big of a deal.

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4 years 2 months ago #117430 by Lodore
Thanks, Holch! I guess if there's no easy workaround I'll just have to bit the bullet and do them one at a time. Or, take up your suggestion and combine them results in the spreadsheet afterwards. In any event, thanks for the input!


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