Multiple short text and detailed admin notification email

4 years 2 months ago #117263 by FernandoS

I've been working with LimeSurvey for a while now and i've encountered issues with answers using multiple short text input and the detailed admin report sent through email.

I have this survey where you can choose a number of hotels that you may provide feedback.
If you choose eg. number 1, a multiple short text question will be displayed with 3 sub questions, which are optional.
If number 2 is chosen, two multiple short questions with the same sub questions will be displayed so you may answer both.
This goes up to 10 hotels.

The conditions work well, the answers are successful stored, they appear in the statistics page BUT they do not appear in the detailed admin notification email, in fact, the only answer from that group that appears, is the one that works as a condition for the rest.

Question is, Why are this answers not included in the email? Is it because they are part of a condition? Or maybe because they are optional? Is it because Multiple Short Text questions are not displayed in the email? In any case, Is there a way to include them in the admin email?

Thanks much!!

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