Advice: how to have a supervisor check and complete the response before submit?

4 years 1 month ago #117262 by Qat
Hi everybody, thanks for reading my question !

Here's my scenario : my organisation has Partners in distant countries who are asked to respond to the survey. But they can't or won't respond to every question, or some of them will be incomplete.
The Partners have supervisors (in my country) who are able to verify, correct and complete some answers, before submitting the response.

We can ask the foreign partner to reply to everything they can, *not submit*, and then send their token by mail to the supervisor... but I would like to make this automatic.

My guess is that I can use JavaScript (in the welcome text) to ask if the respondant is a partner or a supervisor (ask for a password if supervisor) and store the value 'partner' or 'supervisor' in a cookie. Then I would hide the submit button if the cookie value is 'partner', and instead display a button to send a mail to the supervisor, with the token.

- Is it the best solution ?
- Is there a better way to store the info than a cookie (but must be very compatible : XP, IE6, ...)?
- Is there an easy way in LS to read the cookie, or do I have to use standard JS ?

Thanks for your interest, and goodnight.

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