Import a new language to a survey?

3 years 8 months ago #117037 by boriginal
boriginal created the topic: Import a new language to a survey?

I am searching for an option to import new languages to a survey.

I know how to add languages and how to translate elements in the limesurvey system by quick-translation. But I am searching for a way to import a language. The main reason is, that I want to hire a translation agency and I think it's not that easy to explain the structure of the back-end of lime survey to them. But they are used to translate XML-Files or something like that. But at least, the LSS-export is very hard to read. Even for me it's hard to detect which area is for what kind of language. In the TXT-export it's easier, but it's hard to keep the structure despite changes...

Do you know a doable way? Does a propper plugin exists? Do you have any other suggestion?

I have been thinking to export a survey with only one language and import it after the agency tranlated it. I think that should work, but than I'll lose the possibility, that users can choose the language by their own or change the language while answering...

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