Anonymous withdrawal of submission to a survey

2 years 10 months ago #116570 by frisket
frisket created the topic: Anonymous withdrawal of submission to a survey
In an anonymous survey administered via Tokens, the manual says, "If the survey is anonymous, then no link (technically: foreign key relationship) is available between the tokens table and the responses."

If an Ethics Committee wanted to allow subjects in such an anonymous survey to be able to stop participating, and therefore withdraw their data as anonymously as they submitted it, this is currently impossible in LimeSurvey (as I currently understand it).

However, as Ethics Committees get more and more worried about anonymity, it might be worth revisiting this.

Perhaps if anonymous completion of a survey were to generate a new, separate, one-time token in a URI, a user could be invited to copy and keep the URI in case they ever decided to withdraw their participation. The URI would activate an otherwise inaccessible page where the token would be recognised and the data deleted (or marked unusable). It would then appear to the admin as if the holder of the original token had simply never completed the survey.

Or something like...

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