Iterating within a survey

4 years 1 month ago #110826 by surveynovice
surveynovice created the topic: Iterating within a survey
Wanted to know if there is a way in LimeSurvey to set up an iterative loop within the survey.

I am aiming to do something like this:

Describe an offer "A" and then an offer "B" (Which are different from one another). Then ask if the user prefers "A","B" or is indifferent between the two (response "C"). If A is chosen, then we would reduce A using a rule and then offer the choice between A and B again. If B is chosen we'd increase A and ask again. The process would continue until the user indicated that they are indifferent between the 2 offers.

Can LimeSurvey support this kind of logic, with an uncertain number of questions and their text being conditional on past answers?


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