How to create a survey based on specific criteria

4 years 3 months ago #110096 by aris
aris created the topic: How to create a survey based on specific criteria
So, this is a project for our university!

I want to create a master survey. the target is to be able to automatically create a survey based on Department, Academic Year, Courses, and Optional Courses. In the end, which student must have a specific survey which is shown for him/her for the courses and optional courses he is attending for the specific academic year.
I have a csv file which has the relevant information about students (which courses they are attending, which academic year etc).
Also the survey must be anonymous but that can be filled only by the students of its department.


1- It should be possible to create a specific custom survey based on token attributes. so when i send them invitation by e-mail, the survey will be filtered based on token attributes for the specific student. However this cannot be done, because conditions on token attributes work only when survey is in NOT anonymous mode and we need it to be anonymous.

2- It could be possible to create it with prefilled survey url answers. so the theoretical solution would be to create a Question Group (departments) with a dropdown list for each department and others question groups for each specific department which are showed only when first condition(department) in prefilled survey answer is met. Then we can send invitation based on CUSTOM SURVEY URL WITH PREFILLED ANSWERS" to each student based on data we have in csv file.

What i need help with is:

2- Is there any other better and quicker method you can think to create this?

Thanks in advance

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