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3 years 10 months ago #109103 by mhkuu
mhkuu created the topic: Recording audio
We're thinking about having a survey in which a participant can record an audio fragment, and that this fragment then is saved in the survey results. I suppose we should use a library like recorder.js for this.

Would it be worthwhile to create a custom question type for this (is that even supported?) or do you think this should be possible to create using the current question types and a bit of JavaScript? Has anyone maybe done this before?

Thanks for your ideas!

P.S. As a return gift, we do know how to playback audio with the new HTML5-standard, and written some documentation about this on our university website .

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3 years 9 months ago - 3 years 9 months ago #109165 by jelo
jelo replied the topic: Recording audio
recorder.js is using Flash. Currently LimeSurvey is missing a questiontype browsercheck/browercompatibility to prevent participants running into questions which are not displayable by their browser.

In terms of security I am unsure how the upload function can be implemented without revealing location of storage.

And since you mentioned HTML5 in your link, take a loot at capturing audio via HTML 5 as well.

A question type for capturing audio / video should be based on HTML 5. Fallback for Flash would be nice.

Take a look at this too:
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3 years 9 months ago #110142 by mhkuu
mhkuu replied the topic: Recording audio
Thanks jelo, that was very helpful. I added an audio recording question type to LimeSurvey that sort of hops onto parts of the upload file question type. It uses HTML5 for both recording and replaying audio, so it's unfortunately limited to a few browsers. For recording the new functionality relies heavily upon Chris Wilson's audio recording code: .

I created a branch on GitHub for those interested with the resulting code: . The branch is in accordance with yesterday's release (140618). Absolutely no guarantees of course, haven't been able to test the whole flow properly yet, and it has been my first time diving into the LimeSurvey source code.

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