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Edit survey response with populated fields and quick navigation

2 years 9 months ago #109018 by AdrianB
Hi all,

I work in a research Centre that is using Limesurvey to gather data for health science and research. We use a mix of paper-based surveys, telephone interviewers, and more recently - Limesurvey for online data gathering.

We are finding that some areas of our online surveys are problematic for the respondents, and that telephone follow-up is necessary to clarify the data. Ideally, we would like telephone interviewers to quickly navigate around the survey for a particular token and update values where necessary.

To help with this process, I was wondering:

1) If it is possible to edit a participant's survey responses by effectively going through the survey, as the participant would have seen it, with his/her answers populated in the form field elements.

For example, if the participant answered age/sex questions with an age of 28 (numeric) and sex female (list dropdown), the age value and sex choice would appear "pre-filled" in the editing stage, and any skip logic would be applied with respect to these values.

For completed and partially completed responses, I tried setting the "Invitation sent", "Reminder sent" field to "N" and "Uses left" to "1". This will then display the cog so that I can "Do survey" for the token, but the responses previously entered are not visible - the survey responses are gone (or at least, not shown), as if starting afresh.

One workaround is to use the "Data entry" screen to edit a response, but the problem is that it simply lists all of the fields in one long list. For an average survey of well over 50 questions (often > 100), this is very difficult to navigate quickly and accurately, and skip logic is not applied.

2) If it's possible to have a UI element on each page of the survey to quickly navigate between question groups. This would greatly assist the interviewers to quickly go to particular question groups that need clarification, and "hop" between question groups as the interviewer talks to the participant. I envisage a dropdown list of Question Groups for navigation around the survey.

I think the combination of 1) and 2) would make Limesurvey a very powerful tool for health science research which is, at its core, data driven.

The question is - can I do this with Limesurvey? :)


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2 years 8 months ago #109194 by jelo

AdrianB wrote: I think the combination of 1) and 2) would make Limesurvey a very powerful tool for health science research which is, at its core, data driven.

MixedMode Interviews are not possible. The community here is not driven by these sophisticated features.

Brain power and financial power is needed to implement such features. It is the same with CATI, which a few times were mentioned here before.

To reedit a survey with token there was a workaround posted. But I am unsure if the workaround can be reimplemented with the current version of Limesurvey. It is very old.

The Bugtracker entry:

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