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2 years 9 months ago - 2 years 9 months ago #108804 by JeffNevington
I have just created my first survey with LimeSurvey, just a test at the moment.

When the survey was finished it gave me the url:

Is it possible to change a url for the survey? I would like to move the survey to a sub-domain to clean up the url, e.g. .

I know I could make a simple page on the sub-domain manually that redirects to the survey, this would be a half solution. But ideally I suppose I would like an index.php or index.htm file to place directly where I want it.
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2 years 9 months ago #108818 by jelo
This is out of technical reach for Limesurvey. Since you need a dns entry for that behaviour.
You could have an *.subdomain and mapping via redirect to prevent dns entries for every subdomain.
Still out of reach for limesurvey. Use a htaccess (if apache is your webserver) file to rewrite/redirect url with a * dns entry or individual dns entries for your subdomains.

The /428527/lang-en/ still would need to be added, since they are GET Parameter for Limesurvey. lang-en can be removed if only one language is available.

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2 years 9 months ago #108827 by JeffNevington
Thanks jelo for the reply. I think this might be beyond my technical expertise. It is not really even a problem, I just thought it would be nice to send out a shorter URL but I can just redirect to the survey from the subdomain or wherever instead of moving the whole thing. Once the user has started, having the location of the survey and the GET parameters in the bar is fine.

Also, I was told I could possibly hide the survey location and keep the same address in the bar by putting the survey in an iframe if I really wanted to. The bodge approach.

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