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Encrypt LS Database

2 years 9 months ago #108021 by Ronnos
I want to store sensitive data on LS's database (financial and personal information). I build a secure connection with SSL, and now want to encrypt my data inside the database:blink: . When someone has physically access to my database: he only finds encrypted data. (Only I have the private key)

I want to prevent when someone is entering my LS panel he can read the data filled in by clients. So my LS admin panel has no access to the encrypted data. It is only possible to read the encrypted data inside my database through decrypting the data by database software.

Or maybe it is possible to let LS encrypt all the survey answers (encrypt SQL queries) and store them inside the database?

Thank you in advance!


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2 years 9 months ago #108043 by mfaber
This extension might be what you are looking for:

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