SOLVED - Language change in dropdown and selection

3 years 10 months ago - 3 years 10 months ago #106503 by Gordon55M
Gordon55M created the topic: SOLVED - Language change in dropdown and selection
SOLVED - I was editing the files in the wrong place. The .po and .mo edits worked. I was working from a user folder in ubuntu where another limesurver folder existed, whereas the actual server files resided in var/www directory. That is why my changes never pushed to the front-end.

I have tried to change the language files per the manual (.po and .mo). The issue I am having is removing the text (Mexico) or "mexicano" from all selections in the application. I have edited the es-MX language file using PoEdit. Does that text get populated via the .mo, or is it hard coded somewhere else? I also tried to edit the file to remove the text on the site without success.

I also edited the surveytranslator_helper.php file with this code:
// Spanish (Mexico)
        $supportedLanguages['es-MX']['description'] = $clang->gT('Spanish');
        $supportedLanguages['es-MX']['nativedescription'] = 'Español';
        $supportedLanguages['es-MX']['rtl'] = false;
        $supportedLanguages['es-MX']['dateformat'] = 5;
        $supportedLanguages['es-MX']['radixpoint'] = 0;

Attached are screen shots to show where I would like it removed.

Last Edit: 3 years 10 months ago by Gordon55M.

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