embedding single survey administration page

3 years 1 week ago - 3 years 1 week ago #106480 by lordzoster
I'm required to embed the administration page of a single survey within an existing dashboard, whose access is authenticated.
So I should:
- authenticate the user against the custom dashboard, via a standard login
- automatically authenticate the user against LS
- retrieve the "survey view" page without the uppermost strip (the one starting with the "administration home" icon, and ending with the "survey selection" and "logout").

Actually, I'd need to make accessible some features only:
- activate/deactivate survey (activation is available through LSRC, but deactivation doesn't)
- retrieve statistics (available via LSRC)
- token management: partially available through LRSC, but would require reinventing the wheel while the current token management interface is somewhat amazing.
Moreover, the user should not be able to access to the "Manage Survey Administrators" page.

Where should I start from?
thanks in advance
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