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4 years 3 months ago #105534 by dbeckett
dbeckett created the topic: Feedback survey
I am looking to create a feedback survey for a university research project that I am helping with

I will have a page full of questions that the user will answer about their business and on the next page I want to give them recommendations on what they need to do to in order to improve/fix the problems identified on the question page

So far I have created all of the questions on lime survey and I have made another question group containing the various feedback information as a text display with relevance equations so that each text display only appears when certain answers are given which achieves my goal, however the form is yet to be submitted when this information is displayed.

I was wondering if there was any way that I can only show the feedback page after the user submits the entire form, my worry is that once they get the feedback, they will just close the page down and not submit the form resulting in me not getting any data.

I do know that there are assessments but I'm not sure on how I could use this to achieve my goal

Any help would be appreciated

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