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End URL depending on answers

3 years 3 weeks ago #104297 by mbursztynowski

I'm new to LimeSurvey, I just have read lot of topics on forum, but I didn't see my problem.

Best for me would be 3 kinds of End URL - different for completed survey, aborted and quoted but it's impossible I think, so another good solution will be creating dynamic end link.

Is there any variable like {surveyStatus} or other way to do it? Or maybe another solution like JS?

Please help.

Thanks in advance

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3 years 3 weeks ago #104305 by tpartner
I don't understand the problem.
  • "Completed" - you can use the normal End URL
  • "Aborted" - I assume this means leaving an incomplete survey. If so, the respondent will see no End URL anyway
  • "Quoted" - I assume this means a quota redirect. If so, you can use the Quota URL


Tony Partner

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