Customise from a core set of questions for different participant groups

3 years 8 months ago #102037 by andrew
andrew created the topic: Customise from a core set of questions for different participant groups

I'm new to LS and it looks great but I have struggled to figure out if I can do something essential for my purpose.

I want to develop one big set of questions, which I will use selectively for multiple participant groups, over time - and then be able to analyse the responses together by question (in LS ideally).

For example - imagine I have a bank of 50 questions. Every few months I'd like to use some or all of these questions to survey employees of a different organisation.

Ideally, I would like to be able to 'pre-populate' some answers (and even better, keep those questions hidden) for participants in a particular organisation, when I already know the organisation industry, size and so on - but will want to draw comparisons based on these values later.

Ultimately, I need to be able to analyse answers to common questions for my entire set of responses, but also by organisation (i.e. participant group), industry, organisation size, etc..

I hope that makes sense and someone will be able to steer me. I suspect tokens may be the answer but am not sure!

Thank you sincerely for any guidance.


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