Screen out with many possible "wrong" answers

3 years 5 months ago #100151 by Jukka91

first of all: Nice job. LimeSurvey works and works. It is very smooth and one of the nicest survey programs I ever worked with.
Thank you.

But now to my problem.
I have many possible Screen-out-questions with more possible "wrong" answers, e.g.

Which brand do you use?

Brand A -> Quota: 100%
Brand B -> Screen out
Brand C -> Screen out
Brand D -> Screen out
Brand E -> Screen out
Brend F -> Screen out

And the next question nearly the same, only with products and not brands.

The only workaround I see at the moment is to set quotas at 0 for the Answers B to F, but I think this is a very comlicated way, especially if you have more than one question with many possible screen out answers.

Is there a better workaround, just like making quotas exclusive? I know, the manual says no, but maybe there is a trick.

With best regards from Hamburg, Germany,


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3 years 5 months ago #100187 by tpartner
There is no direct workaround that I know of but if all of the questions are on the same page, you can:

1) Add a radio question to the end of the group and hide it with JavaScript or CSS

2) Add a quota to the hidden question

3) Use JavaScript to interrupt the "Next" function, check the state of the products/brands questions and click the appropriate radio in the hidden question

Tony Partner

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