How can I export survey responses directly from SQLserver?

4 years 1 week ago #93961 by ldhf5237
As we know data extraction from Lime Survey is limited. Now I got a requirement from business users to export data from SQLServer directly by running a SQL code. But when I queried in database I found some languages are stored as strange codes in database. How could I export the responses correctly without strange codes?

Many thanks in advance.

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4 years 1 week ago #93966 by Mazi
You are not the only one having tried to export data directly via an SQL statement and so far no one has succeeded to do so.
There are several reasons for this, e.g. Limesurvey stores answer codes instead of the full text answers to deal with multi-lingual surveys and thus several sub-queries are needed to get in all in line.
You definitely need a PHP script to do the export the data (and write it into another DB).

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