Positioning feedback and text elements?

8 months 20 hours ago #179470 by tiflis
Hi everybody!

I am facing a problem with my survey (never made one before), especially regarding the position of certain elements. My survey only contains multi-choice design questions.

What do I have to (syntaxwise and overall), if I want the participants to see the correct/incorrect answers and the short explanatory text after they have answered the question (or even after completing the survey)? I can`t seem to find an option for that, meaning I don`t know where I could place the needed syntax so it will show up after answering the respective question.

This is an example of the syntax for showing the participants whether they have answered the question correctly or not (this was kindfully shown to me by User DenisChenu):

If you work regularly for more than 10 hours a day, … {if(B1_SQ001.NAOK == "Y" and B1_SQ002.NAOK == "" and B1_SQ003.NAOK == "" and B1_SQ004.NAOK == "Y" and B1_SQ005.NAOK == “Y”),"You chose this answer correctly.","You chose this answer incorrectly")}

I am using:
Windows 7 Professional (and Windows 10 Home)
Mozilla Firefox Quantum 64.0.2
LimeSurvey Version 3.15.5+181115

Thank you all!

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8 months 19 hours ago #179471 by tpartner
1) Place it in a text display question type in the last group of the survey.

2) Place it in the end message.

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8 months 17 hours ago #179487 by tiflis
Thank you for the quick reply!

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