Display and design of mathematical graphs

5 months 3 weeks ago - 5 months 3 weeks ago #177507 by noemi01
Hi all,
I have a special issue (Version 2.50+ Build 160804):
In our survey participants have the task of adapting a mathematical graphical representation (e.g. a normal distribution) so that they reflect their personal experience. For example, I'll show a graph for the course of fatigue over the course of the day, and the participants should adjust this graph to reflect their personal fatigue course throughout the day. We could choose many curves as images and ask the participant to choose the right image. But this is very time-consuming, may overwhelm the participant under certain circumstances and we do not get the same quality of results.
Does anyone have any idea how to implement this type of survey in Limesurvey (possibly with the help of other tools as well)?
Many many thanks!
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