Protect my survey with a single login/password for all participants

10 months 4 weeks ago #172744 by pdemaziere

I want to secure my survey with a password to avoid that others will complete it.

As part of a larger project, there's an intranet portal that contains a link to the survey. All members of the project have a login to that intranet and can see the survey link there. I want to mention the login/pass for the survey there as well. As such, only members can complete the survey
Since I do not know the members in advance, I cannot use a token based system to give individual access to the survey, hence my question whether it's possible to protect the survey with a single password that's only known to a group of people that can complete the survey in an individual way.

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10 months 4 weeks ago #172749 by tpartner
Yes, please refer to the manual.

You could prefill a hidden question via the survey URL and then either...

1) Use relevance based on that question to hide groups/questions and display a "This is a private survey" message.

2) Use Expression Manager to load a question that triggers a quota.

Or, why not install LimeSurvey on a server accessible only via the intranet?

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