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7 months 3 weeks ago - 7 months 3 weeks ago #170363 by kensikat
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For my thesis I'm looking for this functionality, maybe one of you advanced users can help me out:

I want to collect ratings on 5 questions for 100 sentences. Each participant should be shown a random selection of 10 of those sentences and answer 5 questions on each. So preferably I'd like to have 10 question groups with a dynamic variable randomly pulling from a table of all the 100 sentences.

For similar problems I found this one: www.limesurvey.org/forum/can-i-do-this-with-limesurvey/107889-
To my understanding a workaround would be to build 100 questions groups each including one of the sentence and then displaying a random selection of 10 groups to participants. Is there a more simple way? That seems like a lot of work when there might be a simple functionality I'm missing.

Does anyone know possible solutions? I unfortunately didnt find any similar questions.

Some advice would be highly appreciated. :)
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7 months 3 weeks ago #170365 by urbana
Replied by urbana on topic Dynamic Content
Hi, I mean there are several ways, which one is the best really depends on what you do exactly.
But no, there isn't a very easy functionality.

I solved a similar problem with javascript some years ago.

If I were you I would:
- Create an JS array with all sentences
- Create an introduction group which shows any kind of explaination text you have
- Add in this groups 5 questions, type short text
- hide those fields
- On this page for the introduction, run a JS script that selects 5 sentences randomly and adds them as values to this hidden questions

All you have to do now is to display those values in your questions in the actual question groups above the five questions.
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