Performance: Links vs. LS Resources for image and audio files

8 months 3 days ago #169977 by kpatch

Several of my surveys contain a number of image (JPG, PNG) and audio (MP3, WAV) files. They are currently on my server outside of the LS environment.

Some of my users comment about the delay--or failure--of these images and sound files to display. Would the performance improve if they were added to LS as Resources.



BTW...I am using LS Version 3.7.2+180508 and a custom theme that is an extension of fruity

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8 months 1 day ago #170028 by holch
You need to test where the problem actually lies. I assume that the server for the media is slower than the server where you have Limesurvey installed. If you don't think this is the case, then you might have to investigate further. But I assume that the images and audios are not soo heavy that you can't save them on your Limesurvey server, right? Even if the LS server is slow, at least everything loads similarly slow then.

But it is really hard to say if it will improve, as we don't know the cause of the delay/failure in the first place.

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