Using custom participant attributes for accessing a survey

11 months 3 weeks ago #169174 by XavierMD
Hello! My team and I are planning a big academic survey that will include many participants from different regions.

We currently ask participants to register before they receive a token to participate in the survey. We recently noticed that one of our big filter questions' information could be included in custom participant attributes. Here's the context:

In the survey's introduction, we basically ask them which region they are from, then offer them a selection of different cities in the region they chose. Only the cities that are targeted in the study are in the selection, with an ''others'' option at the end of each of those lists. If they choose any of the ''others'' option, they are automatically excluded from the survey, to prevent non-target participants from answering.

We noticed we can add these lists in custom participant attributes and ask them to choose a region when they register. What we can't do is to use the selected region to offer region-dependant cities in the second attribute list. Could we do this? We'd basically need to be able to add programmable conditions in the user attributes menu.

We would also like to use these attributes to either give or refuse them access to the survey. Is such a thing possible? For example, if they choose ''other'' cities in their region, or ''other'' region and then click ''register'', they would receive an email explaining that their region/city is not included in the study and they are thus barred from participating in the survey (and their email would then be added to the black list, to reduce the risk of them trying again). Could that work? If yes, how can we add such restrictions to our survey?


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