Navigating through question group and showing unanswered questions

4 months 2 days ago #159665 by dlaroche
dlaroche created the topic: Navigating through question group and showing unanswered questions
Dear all,

I have created a survey with a let's 5 groups. All questions in each group are not mandatory in order for the user to navigate through all questions while keeping some un-answered questions.

I have added one more group after the 5 groups that shows each group, each questions and whether the question has been answered or not. I am able to create a link that will jump to the group of the question in each line of my summary report.

What i am trying to do, and i cannot make it work is, when i click on the link for one questions is to jump to the group and display (show on the screen) the question (automatic scrolling) ?

My requirement to enable a user to jump directly to a question, specifically when he comes back to the survey (closed mode with token) from a summary page. I don't want to display question by question but question within a group as questions might be link. Finally i am using lime survey to do assessment, not really like for the concept of a survey.

Thanks for your help,

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