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4 years 1 week ago #119042 by ckolar
Hi. Long time LS user here and just moved to a new organization. They have a single account on SM and I am moving them off of that platform and into LS. There are some historical surveys that I want to bring over (just the survey, not the data) and I was wondering if there is a set of instructions for exporting a survey from SM and bringing it into Lime. I have hunted through all of the menus and do not see anything that looks like it will export anything useful other than results. Thanks much in advance. Chris

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4 years 1 week ago #119043 by Ben_V
Replied by Ben_V on topic migrate survey monkey to LS
Found in: Importing surveys from other applications

We are often getting requests to import a survey from other applications or survey providers. The problem is that providers like SurveyMonkey lock you in - it is not possible to export the survey structure from SurveyMonkey, only the response data. We are sorry to say but using closed proprietary software or providers can be a bad idea in the first place.


EM Variables => bit.ly/1TKQyNu | EM Roadmap => bit.ly/1UTrOB4
Last Releases => 2.6x.x goo.gl/ztWfIV | 2.06/2.6.x => bit.ly/1Qv44A1
Demo Surveys => goo.gl/HuR6Xe (already included in /docs/demosurveys)
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