problem logging in with Version 3.14.1+180731 / IE 11

9 Monate 2 Wochen her - 9 Monate 2 Wochen her #172037 von Siem
Some users are not able to log in to LimeSurvey Version 3.14.1+180731 - according to them there wasn't a problem with the previous version. After the most recent comfortupdate they are unable to log in.

The screen remains blank on the login screen. But there is a cursor visible - I think it must be an issue with the admin theme.
They use Internet Explorer 11 Version 11.165.17134.0 on Windows 10 pro 1803. Other browsers have no problem on these computers. They cleaned the cache and rebooted the computers, but that didn't solve the issue.
Last edit: 9 Monate 2 Wochen her by Siem.

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9 Monate 2 Wochen her #172043 von tpartner
IE 11 is not supported for the admin interface - .

I'm still not sure why that decision was made given that, according to this article from Microsoft, "Internet Explorer 11 will be supported for the life of Windows 10" and they have committed to extended support for Windows 10 until 2025.


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