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I'm proceeding to modify the questions/subquestions/answers codes of a survey in LimeSurvey. I exported the survey, change the question (etc.) codes and then, imported to a new survey.

I want to have the participants responses imported to the new survey too. So I exported the VV file of the old survey, changed the question (etc.) codes to the new ones, and then I imported the new VV file to the new survey. The import process relates success.

But It's happening one thing. If I entry in the Survey responses page, the table that is displayed, in column token, the values appear gray (without a link) as the Survey responses of the old survey (see attachments).

The fact is that, apparently, the LimeSurvey database is not being updated completely. In the old responses that column (token) is linked and when I click in that I see informations of the participant. In the new one it is not clickable.

I read the manual for export/import vv files, but couldn't find nothing in there.

Someone can help me?
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