Filling in token during filling in survey

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Use cases:
1. We have an open survey for which we want to re-invite people when they have indicated they want to be reinvited
2. After submitting a survey, we want to start a script that calculates things based on answers and produces a report.

For these two cases we like to use the token, but a "token procedure" (submit user details, wait for mail with invitation and click on link in mail) makes us loose many respondents. Therefore we like the user be able to start and we ask the respondent at a certain point in the survey for the email address.

Is there any way in which we can have people start filling in and fill the token table for this person during filling in? Afterwards we can then use the RPC method of loading the results by token, which is considered more safe than loading the results by session or by response ID.

We have made a PHP script ourselves, but this needs to be adjusted for each installation and for each survey. We would like to know if there is a "native LS way"to achieve filling in the token table during filling in the survey.


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