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Dear all,

I am having a very little time to translate a questionnaire - from French to English - that I imported from a previous LimeSurvey version, and I could really appreciate your help in a problem I am dealing with.

During the translation of LimeSurvey I started creating label sets in order to save some time in the subquestion and answer editing because the survey is very long with many questions. I translate the survey manually by entering for example in the "edit subquestions" etc. I use the buttons in these sections in order to create the Lable sets and then when I need them I choose the right one, I open the labels in English and I click replace.

What I didn’t realize until now is that when I chose from the predefined labels sets in subquestions, the relevance equation was turning 1 (in the subquestions). So, I have now some questions that don’t have the relevance equation from the French version.
In addition, I was using some label sets for answer options and I was changing the codes were was needed (in the original survey they use for a specific group of 5 answers two different codes depending on the question). So I had the label set with one version codes and I was replacing the codes when using it.

It should also be noted that with the proceess I've followed for creating the labels sets through the sections "Edit subquestions" and "Edit answer options" no assessment valued was asked for creation ( I' ve read in the manual that the label sets need to have an assessment value, that is why I am referring to that).

What troubles me, is if by fixing and changing the codes and relevance equations where is needed, although I have used the label sets, the survey will not have a problem, all the conditions, relevance equations etc will run properly and we will have the right codes when exporting the data for analysis OR if I need to start translating a new survey.

Thank you very much in advance,

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