I know I can - but how to? Change the label for "Other" to something else

5 years 2 months ago #71268 by asg
Hi There,

I want to change the "other" label within the Multiple Choice question ie, I want to have the response as "yes" and the text portion of the "other" option to allow for a number.

I have read the help information wrt this however how I change the file en.mo as when I open this file with Notepad++ on my PC it cannot find the string other_replace_text and if I click on the en.mo file on the webserver it wants to download the file.

As I mentioned previously I am not a programmer but am able to follow instructions fairly well within files that I am directed to.


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5 years 2 months ago #71277 by Steve01

how about using "Label for 'Other' option" in the advance settings of the multiple choice question? Perhaps it will be the easiest/most easy way to change the label without having to edit the translation .po file.

If you want to change the translation or let's say a translation file you may have a look at docs.limesurvey.org/Translating+LimeSurvey . There's a programm called poEDIT that handles editing the file and creating/editing the binary (.mo) file. If you just change the text in the .po file it won't really help because you just edited the source file which is meant to create a file that your machine can read.
If I'm correct you don't really look for a string called "other_replace_text" but for the entry "Other" (if you open the file with Notepad++ it will say something like " msgid "Other" ").

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Best regards,

Stefan Gohlke
LimeSurvey Team

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5 years 2 months ago #71842 by Mazi
You can change that at the advanced question settings, see docs.limesurvey.org/Advanced+question+se...y#other_replace_text

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Dr. Marcel Minke
(Limesurvey Head of Support)
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