Using a survey to allow access to content.

9 meses 4 días antes #184304 por dpellegrini
We have Partners who contribute content to our site, and they want our users to complete a questionnaire in exchange for access to their content.

Each partner needs to be able to craft their own questionnaire and review the results independently of other Partners.

I think this is all possible using LimeSurvey, but I have a couple of questions:
1. How can we enforce that users complete a questionnaire before accessing content?
2. Can returning users who have already completed the questionnaire go directly to the content without having to fill out the questionnaire again?

Any pointers in the right direction appreciated. :-)


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9 meses 4 días antes #184307 por DenisChenu
Your website must do the task using LimeSurvey API.

1. Create a token inside your website for each of your website user
2. Create the related token line using
3. Show the link
4. Check if this participant already answer :
5. Use the array returned to show the result of the participant

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