OfflineSurveys Limesurvey Android app - Introduction and Screenshots

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This is the support forum for all questions about the OfflineSurveys Android app.

About the app:
OfflineSurveys is the only available app that runs LimeSurvey on any Android device. The app caches a LimeSurvey online survey and creates on offline version which stores responses on the local device. Data collected offline can later be emailed or exported to your PC. The PRO version supports automatic response synchronization .

OfflineSurveys supports all LimeSurvey question types, Expression Manager features and conditions, placeholders, ... and most other LimeSurvey features. It even offers several additional Android multimedia question types to e. g. take a picture, record a voice note or store the current GPS location.
The free version already supports all these additional question types. It can be downloaded at the Google Play Store. For professionals a customized PRO version can be created.

Feel free to check the website for more details like features, survey caching simulator or FAQs.


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