PHP Error - Undefined index

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michaelve erstellte das Thema PHP Error - Undefined index
We are currently running a survey and experienced a PHP error after sending out reminders to complete the survey. We run the latest stable version of limesurvey together with a postgres database.

This image shows the error we receive.

It is possible to access the survey and enter the token. Subsequently, the welcome screen is shown. When actually entering the survey with debugging turned on, I receive the following error:

Undefined index: 889163X102X653 -> The first 6 digits contain the survey id.

  foreach ($_SESSION['survey_'.$surveyid]['insertarray'] as $value)
820         {
821             $email .= "$value: {$_SESSION['survey_'.$surveyid][$value]}\n";
822         }
var/www/html/limesurvey/application/helpers/expressions/em_manager_helper.php(5202): submitfailed("")
5201 $message .= $this->gT("Unable to insert record into survey table"); // TODO - add SQL error?
5202                     echo submitfailed('');  // TODO - report SQL error?
/var/www/html/limesurvey/application/helpers/expressions/em_manager_helper.php(5504): LimeExpressionManager->_UpdateValuesInDatabase(array(), false) 
/var/www/html/limesurvey/application/controllers/survey/index.php(579): SurveyRuntimeHelper->ru
/var/www/html/limesurvey/application/helpers/SurveyRuntimeHelper.php(342): LimeExpressionManager::NavigateForwards()

The errors continue for a while; I can send the log by email.

This happened after updating the token table with email addresses and setting invitation sent to 'Y'. However, it is possible to answer uncompleted surveys. Also, I can enter other surveys running on the same instance.

Would anybody have an idea how to resolve this issue?

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michaelve antwortete auf das Thema: PHP Error - Undefined index
In the meantime I found the solution to the error.

In the process of updating the database the sequences were not updated. The survey and survey timings contained 300 responses; the sequence values were much lower. By restarting the sequences at 301 the survey runs again.

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