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Hello Everyone

I was reading the LimeSurvey Manual and it says that there is a LimeSurvey XAMPP package that includes the whole installation for a local environment on Windows, but I can't find such file. Does anyone have a tutorial or the how to install the latest LimeSurvey Release on windows?

Thank you

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There was once a version of Limesurvey in XAMPP, not sure if this is still maintained.

However, I never used it. I just downloaded and installed XAMPP ( ) and then installed Limesurvey.

This is quite a straight forward process and not different to installing it on a webhost.

Just put the extracted Limesurvey folder into the htdocs folder of Xampp, open a browser and navigate to this browser via http://localhost/pathtoyourlimesurveyfolder/ and follow the installation routine. It's a GUI, there is very little you can do wrong.

But, keep in mind that this setup is basically only meant for testing and programming, not for productive use, as XAMPP is not meant for this purpose (should not be accessible via the internet). You might know this already, but I think it is better to mention it, because some people thought that just installing Limesurvey on their personal computer will allow them to run online surveys. It's not impossible, but you need to know what you are doing (setting up a server and making it secure, setting up your network and making it secure, etc.).

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Some helpful links: Manual (EN) | Question Types | Workarounds
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