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Dear LimeSurvey Community,

For my thesis I am busy making a survey.

I have just activated my survey and sent it to my own e-mail address to be sure that the survey is shown properly.

After receiving it, it appeared that the questions from the survey were not shown.
The thesis must be submitted in 4 weeks, so there is time pressure for me.
Please know someone how this problem can be solved so that the questions can be seen in the survey.

Thank you in advance

Best regards,


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3 Monate 1 Woche her #184156 von tpartner
tpartner antwortete auf Question Problem
We cannot possibly answer with virtually no information.

What question types do you use?
Have you correctly added answers/subquestions?
Is there relevance/conditions applied to questions or groups?
What happens when you preview the survey from the LimeSurvey admin interface.

Tony Partner

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