Public statistics dashboard for client but not visible publicly

2 Monate 2 Wochen her #181288 von tixeon
I am now using the hosted version of Limesurvey (Limesurvey Professional 3.15.9) and I want to set up a dashboard so that the client can see progress (without logging in) but this link is not promoted to survey respondents or the general public through the system landing page (

In the past (older versions) I have done this by enabling public statistics and then removing the link to public statistics from the survey end page and system landing page within the template. However, in the latest version I can't find where to remove the scripts for these links to make it effectively hidden to the public (so I can still have the statistics URL active to send to the client).

Question: Where in the template do I find the script that adds the 'public statistics' link to the end page and the public system landing page so that I can remove it?

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2 Monate 2 Wochen her #181298 von Joffm
Hi, tixeon,

in "submit.twig" you find:

{% if ( == true) %}
<!-- Link to Public statistics -->
<div class="{{ aSurveyInfo.class.submitwrapperdivb }}" {{ aSurveyInfo.attr.submitwrapperdivb }}>
<a href="{{ aSurveyInfo.aCompleted.aPublicStatistics.sUrl }}" title={{ aSurveyInfo.aCompleted.aPublicStatistics.sTitle }} class="{{ aSurveyInfo.class.submitwrapperdivba }}" {{ aSurveyInfo.attr.submitwrapperdivba }}>
{{ gT("View the statistics for this survey.") }}
{% endif %}

I think this is the part you want to remove.

Kind regards

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