Deploying Limesurvey static and dynamic resources on separate web servers

2 Monate 1 Woche her #184254 von Marada78
Hi.I Hope this is the right section.
I need to deploy LimeSurvey on a 3-layered architecture with a Web Server for static resources (i.e. static html, images, css, js) , a Web Server for dynamic (i.e. php files) plus the DB Server.
Is this architecture supported by LimeSurvey? Is it by means of configuration or coding? What is the easiest and fastest way to attain it?

Thanks in advance.

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2 Monate 1 Woche her #184257 von DenisChenu
DB on another server : no issue, directly supported.

For css/js and image : it was generated as assets.

The PHP server need write access on this directory when assets is generated.

You can update url and directory : in config.php file (on Yii array, not LS array). But need update and testing. See basePath and baseUrl

You can surely construct a class (an Yii extension) to save assets in a external server , see for sample.

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I'm not a LimeSurvey GmbH member, professional service on demand .
An error happen ? Before make a new topic : remind the Debug mode .

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