Repeating unanswered questions

2 years 7 months ago #111171 by leithd

I'm creating a survey and I require all questions be completed. I have an 11 second limit per question for the user to answer before the next question automatically appears. In the case where users miss answering certain question due to the time limit, I need the unanswered questions to re-appear in order at the end of the original questions, and continue to do so till all are answered.

Your assistance is appreciated BIG TIME!

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2 years 7 months ago #111181 by holch
I can only imagine that you could do this with conditions.

You need the question 2x in the questionnaire, once at the beginning, once at the end.

Then you would need a condition, or probably better relevance equation to check if the first version of the question was empty or not. If it was empty you'll show the second question version.

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