Token attribute as a validation source

2 years 9 months ago #110237 by JayCharles
Hi All,

I am having trouble using a custom token attribute to validate the answer to a question.

token attribute_3 is the age of the participant at the time on interview. (eg. 55) When we ask a participant how old they were when they last had an operation, I want to use this age(attribute_3) to validate their answer.

eg. If the age of their last operation is greater than token attribute_3, throw up an error.

This is what I have tried up to date, without any luck.

Validation Equation:
((782874X662X3938SQ001 >= 0) and
(782874X662X3938SQ001 <= [attribute_3]) or
is_empty(782874X662X3938SQ001)) and

Validation Tip:
{if(((782874X662X3938SQ001 >= 0) and (782874X662X3938SQ001 <= [attribute_3])), '','Please enter an age that is less than you current age.’)}

I thought maybe the token attribute is a text field and needed to be converted. If so how do i do this?

Can anyone help?

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2 years 9 months ago - 2 years 9 months ago #110239 by DenisChenu
Did you try with
((782874X662X3938SQ001 >= 0) and
(782874X662X3938SQ001 <= TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_3) or

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